About us

Our vision

Our mission is to make tax easy and accessible to everyone

According to a study conducted by Epinion for the Money and Pensions Panel, 50% of all Danes are 'financially illiterate'.

That is far too many, so we want to change that. As a result, we help our users make well-informed decisions and to maximize the potential of their personal finances.

We hope you want to come along on this journey.

Aske and Danni

Why is financial literacy important?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand basic financial concepts such as interest rates, inflation, savings, budgeting, taxes etc.

People that are financially literate are able to make well-informed financial decisions when it comes to their savings, investing, bank loans etc. That means that they are able to make the most out of their money and live a more financially independent life.

In a welfare state like Denmark, we believe that is a societal right to be able to understand our own tax system. But the tax legislation is becoming more and more complicated every year, which means that up to 11 billion DKK is not reported in tax deductions every year. That is not good enough.

Our hope is that by creating TaxHelper, we offer people a tool that'll help them take back control of their taxes.