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Happy Helper & Tax Helper: Makes service deductions easy

Happy Helper

Happy Helper & Tax Helper: Makes service deductions easy

We are partnering with the cleaning platform Happy Helper in a new collaboration to make the service deduction even easier to claim.

As mentioned in our previous post covering the service- and carpenter deduction , these deductions can be a real hassle to get. Such a hassle that even Skat themselves estimate that only about half of people who are eligible take full advantage of these deductions. And that is exactly what we set out to solve through our partnership with Happy Helper.

In this article, we will cover:
  • Who is Happy Helper?
  • What does this partnership entail?
  • Whether you are eligible to receive any deductions

Who is Happy Helper?

Happy Helper is a platform that helps Danes to get more time on their hands as well as a surplus of energy in their everyday life. They are accomplishing this by offering a helping hand when it comes to perhaps the most daunting, yet necessary task - to clean your home.

Happy Helper is the biggest cleaning platform in Denmark with its more than 2,000 'Helpers'. And with over several thousand cleaned homes, they have most certainly helped Danes with achieving a cleaner everyday life.

Since cleaning is a part of the service deduction, Happy Helper also knows all about how challenging it can be to report the deductions in an easy and correct way.
Happy Helper

What does this partnership entail?

This partnership will assist in making the service deduction even easier to report correctly to Skat. In other words, we will try to make sure the missing half of the eligible service deductions are reported. To make sure that people are receiving the money they are entitled to.

In short term, this is about making it easier for people using Happy Helper to find and receive all of their deductions. At the same time, we will be working on making an even better and more convenient solution for long term to make a bigger portion of the reporting process automated.

We are looking forward to keeping you regularly updated as the partnership develops and make the service deduction easier to claim.

Check to see if you are eligible for any deductions

The service deduction offers a great opportunity to get "a discount" on cleaning and other assistance with the home.

However, it is crucial to be aware of its conditions, exceptions, reporting requirements etc. This can easily become somewhat of a jungle to navigate.

That is why we at Tax Helper have created an easy and intuitive platform that comfortably allows you to check if you fulfill the deduction's requirements and make it all the way to the finish line in terms of reporting your deductions to Skat. It is free to try out, and you only pay if you save money on your taxes.