Data Security

Your data security

Tax information is personal and sensitive. Therefore, in Tax Helper, we take it seriously to process your data in a secure way that complies with GDPR and the Personal Data Act ("Persondataloven")


How we treat data in Tax Helper

No data from is transferred or saved

When we report your deductions, there is no data from that is transferred or stored with us. All your tax data stays with We only use the input you enter on our platform to update your deductions, similar to how you would do it yourself on

You can delete your user and data at any time

You have the right over your data. We comply with the Personal Data Act and GDPR, so that you delete your user and data at any time. We only keep the data that we are legally required to store - for example, data for our own financial reporting. Data deletion occurs automatically and immediately.

We do not require NemID or CPR No. to show your tax refund

You can go through the entire platform and get to know how much money we can help you get back without giving up CPR no. or use NemID.