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3 things you can’t miss on the preliminary income assessment 2021

preliminary income assessment 2021

3 things you can't miss on your preliminary income assessment 2021

Today, on November 17th, 2020, SKAT will open the preliminary income assessment (tax estimate) for 2021, and especially this year it pays to check it due to the corona crisis.

You could risk a residual tax bill of several thousand kronerif you don't look through it.

3 things to be aware of this year

1. if you work from homeand thus do not go to work every day. Then you need to correct your driving deduction for 2021.

If you don't correct it, you could risk a residual tax bill of e.g. 5,000 kr. if you drive 35 km to work.

2. If you have lost or changed your job, e.g. due to the corona crisis, remember to update your income for the year so that you don't pay too little tax during the year.

You should also correct your unemployment benefits if you have switched to this.

3. If you bought (or sold) property in 2020, remember to update your interest deductions to fit your new situation.

For example, if your interest deduction is automatically set 10,000 kr. too high, you could end up paying a residual tax bill of 2,500 kr.

A tax tip for the full tax optimization

If you really want to optimize your preliminary income assessment, here's a tip to avoid any residual tax bill.

If your monthly salary is below 31,900 kr., it's best to set your expected income a little too low. Because your employment deduction (comes automatically) is otherwise set too low and you would pay too little in tax during the year.

If, on the other hand, your monthly salary is over 49,300 kr., you should set your expected income a little too high. Because you pay 'top tax', and SKAT's estimated tax percentage is thus lower than the tax you pay.

For anything between 31,900 kr. and 49,300 kr. simply put your income to what you actually expect. It doesn'tt change anything for you in that case.

Did you get your deductions for 2017, 2018 and 2019?

If you haven't gotten your deductions for all 3 years yet, then it's still possible to do so: