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Get a tax refund in just 15 minutes

Every year, Danes miss out on up to 11 billion kr. in deductions.

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Why use Tax Helper?

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Get 2,300 kr. back on average

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Pay only if you get money back

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Built with accountants

How it works

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You answer some simple questions

Typically just between 5 - 15 questions

We calculate and send your deductions to SKAT

We also help if SKAT does a random control

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You get your money paid out or saved in your taxes

In most cases, pay out is made within 3 weeks

You only pay 10% if you get money back and
you never pay more than 199 kr. per year

What our users say

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See the deductions we help with

Learn more about tax and deductions

receive a deduction for guarantee commissions
Understand Deductions

What is a guarantee commission

A guarantee commission is a type of fee that a bank may charge e.g. in the event of refinancing of your mortgage, and you may be eligible to receive a deduction for this.

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