What is child support deduction

If you are divorced or left a previous partner, you have probably already come across child support. But not everyone knows that you can actually get deductions for it.

What is the deduction for alimony

If you’re divorced, you’ve probably already come across alimony or spousal support (Danish: ‘ægtefællebidrag’). But not everyone knows that you can actually get a deduction for the alimony you pay.

What is a home office deduction

The deduction for a home office is a rare deduction. So what it takes to get it, we will go through in this article as well as an approved example from SKAT.

What is deduction for loss on business

The deduction for losses on companies is relevant for those who have started or owned shares in a company (that is not listed on a stock exchange). And there can be a lot of money to be made here.

Hvad er fradrag for tab på virksomhed

Fradraget for tab på virksomhed er relevant for dem, der har startet eller ejet aktier/anparter i en virksomhed (der ikke er børsnoteret). Og her kan der være mange penge at hente

What is deduction for loans with 3 borrowers

The deduction for loans with 3 or more borrowers is a rather unknown deduction. This applies if you have taken out a loan at, for example, at a bank where you are 3 or more people.

What are deductions for private loans

The deduction for private loans is a fairly unknown deduction. This applies, for example, if you have borrowed money from family, friends or other private individuals.